Nightblue3 had every right to be upset (Thanks for the downvotes)

Nubrac - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Nubrac / Master 127LP / 606W 593L Win Ratio 51% / Teemo - 199W 212L Win Ratio 48%, Amumu - 216W 178L Win Ratio 55%, Leona - 114W 89L Win Ratio 56%, Dr. Mundo - 27W 33L Win Ratio 45%, Rammus - 31W 24L Win Ratio 56%
Im not gonna say how he handled the situation was correct, but he had every right to be upset. Noobrac was trolling with this "off-meta" strat. Before you silvers lynch me for saying this, imagine this scenario: You are playing jungle, you all pick ur champs, nobody saying anything about support going mid or whatever. Game starts and the support goes mid and stays mid. Now what does this do? Mid lane gets less xp so the enemy mid is ahead, ur adc is behind since she is poked out of lane and can't farm, you can't gank bot since they are behind and mid is always pushed up. So 2 of 3 lanes are already ungankable. This is the "off-meta" strat noobrac was doing. This is a masters+ game btw. He should've known what he was doing, but didn't care. He was griefing his team, that is toxic behavior right there. Nightblue was upset because he couldn't do anything, he was useless because of 1 player. Even the midlaner told NOOBrac to get out of the lane or she'll report him. What did he say? Fk u idc LOLXD. he did his own thing and ignored the team. That may have worked in gold since he was playing FLEX and had a team that he can COMMUNICATE with. He didn't communicate with anyone before the game, he queued support, went mid and ignored them, then put everyone behind. I watch nightblue3's youtube videos for those fun off meta builds in the jungle in a NORMAL game. Again he queues up as jg and he does cool builds which are fun. But key words here guys: QUEUES UP AS JUNGLE and STAYS IN JG. Noobrac couldve went Tank teemo, ad teemo, ap teemo, on hit teemo, etc, in the SUPPORT role. Where it is played bot lane. Why does he need to be in a single lane soaking up the laner's xp. If he went mid and got first blood for the mid and went bot then that would've been fine. BUT HE DIDN'T. That is what made everyone in that game upset. He got a lead for the team, then threw it right away. Everyone there except NOOBrac was upset. BTW 48% WINRATE TEEMO LUL. IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK THAT WELL. LOL WHAT? LIke a simple is all you need to do. His 81% winrate is in gold 4 in FLEX. He is a "MASTER" player that's playing in GOLD elo. Of course his winrate is going to be high, and with a 5 man? OF COURSE. Now the way Nightblue handled it was very poorly. I know he could've handled it better, but he was upset and understandably so. He lost a game because everyone got put behind because of some dumbass griefing his team. Ask any high elo player and they will say noobrac deserves the 14 day ban. Also, i saw the clip where he saw that he got banned and wanted to appeal it. It was a really funny joke.
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