Played since beta; First you remove Dominon, now TT?

Riot. I've played you game for years (literally). I've spent almost 2g's worth of real money on this game. I put almost 2000 games down in Dominon, only for you to never balance it (say that you did though you liars) then remove it. now, you're doing the same exact thing to TT , the only other mode Ive played in the last 4-5 seasons? What a spit in the face. I played Dota for 10 years before you launched your knock off, im sick to death of the 5v5 map thats 20 years old. Now you're killing the only reason I log onto your game. You can however put focus onto TFT; which sucks. its all rng and you don't even "play" anything. You sit there and hope for the best while the AI plays for you. Wow, engaging. But we cant have actual arena style modes like Dom or TT in a moba? You actually spent time making nexus blitz, only to say "nah this isnt fun either cant keep it all year". your 5v5 map sucks. Aram is aram, and tFt is hot garbage that wont last. Don't kill the goofy maps that make your game unique. Im going just go back to Dota if youre forcing me on the 5v5 map. You pulled a blizzard on me. what a joke.
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