High elo players: "people in low elo don't respect Talon's level 2 all in"

Me: "then why is his damage that high to begin with?" Seriously, I'm sick and tired of people in "high" elo just pretending that the damage isn't this ridiculously high right now, its hard to take the game seriously when strategy in this game is all in the form of damage, banner of command was removed, ardent sensor was heavily nerfed and now utterly useless, true damage is everywhere, there's just no room to make any mistakes anymore, if you end up 12/0 and die ONCE the game is pretty much over since bounties are ridiculously high. I could go on and on about how this year has been a total dud for riot games but there honestly has to be something done about this game. Nobody likes it, none of my friends enjoy playing, everyone wants to ff at 10 (which doesn't even exist), I've had 3 afks out of my last 5 ranked games, etc etc. This game just isn't worth the time investment, I'm not quitting even though I would really love to, but this game man, it has so much potential.
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