can we please get a week extension for earning tokens??

a lot of players including myself didnt get the memo that prestige qiyana would be only purchasable through worlds tokens, so we spend them on other things. I, personally thought the true damage skin line would have their own unique tokens and thats how you would get prestige qiyana we have the true damage orbs so just like every other popular skin line that had custom orbs, they had their own custom tokens aswell, at least thats been the pattern ever since event passes started. so you can see why me and a lot of other players were confused and didn't know about this. i would really appreciate if we got an extra week to continue earning tokens for those who bought the event pass (myself) so i can have a chance to get prestige qiyana. and next time riot if you plan on releasing late content like that could you please already have it visible in the loot store, just locked and have a date on when it'll be available. because apparently this information was poorly relaid. and if it were up to me, i wouldn't have 2 prestige skins available at the same time, especially if you can only get them through tokens. if your going to have 2 at the same time. at least make one available through tokens and the other one through prestige points. dont have players forced to choose between which one they want if your not going to give them enough time to obtain both + extra exclusive chromas and whatnot.
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