Buff volibear Q and E?

I have been messing around with volibear and it seems like he had no place to go besides Support for the time being, but even then he gets kited easily. The best way to secure kills with Voli is either with flash or righteous glory as I don't have an escape mechanism or I'm not tanky enough. So here we go. ** Q--> Add tenacity ** * It's his main method of initiating, so it could make initiating much easier. * Oh yeah. Just have to say this is a great disengage ability still. Q-->E is great at removing people who are on someone low. **W** * Great ability feels like Ursa from dota 2 **E--> Fear enemy champions ** * It seems silly but if I flip-->fear initiating becomes much less escapable. **R** * It's more of a pick potential in the beginning and zoning and peeling thing at the end. TBH it's kinda odd that it scales on AP because it could have scaled on health which would be more consistent for voli as a tank. and the fact that W supports AS or AD kinda makes his kit odd. it's a good ability though.
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