How just how can you get out of silver?

To make one thing very clear I never claim to think that I am above everyone else so please do not think that I ever said so. I've been in silver for quite a while now and everything I try makes it worse I peaked at silver one this preseason. As soon as the season started I was only going down so far I'm at an 8 game losing streak and I really don't want to stop until I win a game even if that means not even going to sleep. I am sick and tired of the same bullshit routine of losing every god damn game because comebacking is near impossible once behind you lost. BB go next oh wait you died once in the next game welp that game is O V E R it's honestly not fun to get no progress at all being stuck in the same rank or just deranking over and over again it really pisses me off. When I started to play this game I used to be quite a nice guy but I have become more and more toxic as time moved on because of the people playing this game and losing every time isn't fun either what what do I have to do to get gold once in my life? It's honestly pathetic to just want a fcking in game rank that's not even that great. I don't care if I got gold 5 in flex queue because flex queue doesn't matter. I want it in soloq I want to fcking prove that I can do it but every game that passes it slowly but surely dawns to me that it is with out a doubt not possible. Downvote this all you want but this game is the worst game to play sometimes. Teammates constantly telling me how fcking garbage I am at this game people that won't shut up and constantly piss you off. It messes with your mental, it makes you depressed so eventually you become one of them...the only difference being that if they piss you off they won't be punished but you will. Getting banned. I hate this game yet I cannot stop playing because I just want to prove that I am good.
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