No player should ever have a RIOT employee in friend list

Why popular streamers have RIOTERS as friends? How is this allowed in the first place? This is ridiculous, we saw what happened with Nighblue. He abused his power/connections to ban someone who wasn t popular. RIOT is promoting toxicity not fighting against it. So what if they are streamers? Does it mean they can be the judge and executioners in one place just because they are popular streamers or whatever? Since when streamers got this power. If I would go afk and threaten someone that I will talk to my rioter friend and call that guy things just like Nightblue did I would get banned instant. I thought the justice was the same for everyone whether is about a streamer or casual player but apparently is not!!!! Why a streamer is above everyone else? I feel discriminated by RIOT because if I would do what Nightblue did I would get banned instantly and all because he has a reputation and I don t RIOT should immediately ban Nighblue, unban that teemo and fire that RIOTER who did that. RIGHT NOW. They also need to implement strict rules so no rioter can get in touch with any player no matter the circumstances. Don t we all want to have a rioter and ban people just because we re in bad mood or just because we want? Would be nice right? No way this should ever be allowed again. Rioters should stay away from player no matter who they are otherwise their decisions will be biased as we already saw. Of course being friend with someone will change everything, your decision and all that stuff and even ban someone just because that guy is your friend and you trust him, like WTF???!! Billionaire company acting so low like this? SHAME ON YOU RIOT!
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