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Hey guys/gals. It's been a while since we updated the **Universal Board Rules**, and I know that there's some frustration with moderation from a portion of our community. While that's always going to be true (can't please everyone all the time), I'd like to chat a bit and get some input on a few topics. ***Please note that this is just me reaching out and checking in on my own, so I can't promise any specific result or changes***, but I will be bringing any useful feedback to the rest of the team. * What rules are unclear? * What rules feel too restrictive, and what do we lose as a board community by having those rules be too restrictive? * What rules feel too open, and what do we lose as a board community by having those rules not restrictive enough? * What rules feel unreliably enforced? * What sort of problematic content do you feel the rules miss? * How can we better communicate with the community? * Is there anything else you'd like to let us know or suggest to us that could improve the boards? A few requests that will keep this productive and let me actually get useful stuff out of this conversation: * Keep it civil. * Understand that some rules (like the rules against hate speech, pejorative language, or flat-out insulting/belittling other players) are not going to change significantly, although we're happy to consider clarifying them if they're unclear and we can find a good way to do so. * Avoid attacks on individuals. I know some of you are frustrated with some or all of the moderation team and/or Riot, but I'll be honest -- if your post is attacking me or the team or Riot instead of offering civil critique/comments/suggestions, I'm just going to skip over it. *By all means provide criticism if you have it, even if it's a bit harsh*. Just be civil and respectful even in your harsh critique. Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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