If Thou Talk Smack Thou Must Fight 1v1

if people talk smack they must 1v1 and prove themselves cause too many players out here in game wanna be weak and not 1v1 and yet they still talk smack i think that would be great since most matches are just 5v5 or 3v3 theres never a 1v1 unless someone customs :d think these people should 1v1 after matches (i talk smack and taunt people and will accept 1v1's) but yeah this idea must be reinforced cause i meet too many weak pansys on league and sometimes those high elo players who dont wanna 1v1 me cause they just afraid or in their words (waste of time) weak lil cowards i tell ya i want them to prove themselves either i whoop their asses and they take the L or reverse they still gotta prove themselves {{sticker:darius-angry}} ps - winning a 5v5 or 3v3 is cool and all but i still think that doesnt mean you can think of yourself high and mighty without doing a 1v1 afterwards getting too ballsy but when the time comes when you gotta 1v1 you cant rely on your teammate and then you end up being a scrawny weakling like an adc crippled by the weight of a hecarim at full speed
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