Issues with Ranked (not a rant post, a genuine concern)

It seems like no matter what one side is COMPLETELY stomping the other in every aspect imaginable. Whether it be my team or the enemy team it never seems like a balanced game. One side always stomps in terms of objective control, dragons/barons/cs, kills, map awareness, literally anything. Is this an issue with matchmaking or what? Its almost like one side is full of irons and the other side is full of diamonds (not accurate elo representation, more just a simile to define team members). Occasionally I do get that one game where everyone plays even and well and it is genuinely challenging, but for the most part its a shit show. Why does it seem like not everyone is of the same skill level? its like they just pit a bunch of random people (they obviously do this part) with random skill floors together and give them an elo to fight in (am currently G4). Is it an issue with MMR ratings and how its built? Tired of not having an even fair match most of the time,
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