i get the game is frustrating

but.. if you are on some sorta losing streak or you just feel squirrely .. play your first time champ in off roles for that specific champ in normals for a bit before bringing in your never tested skills on said champion into the rank environment. i dont know why this happens... i look at the person stats.. they have a good handful of champions with high play rate and over 50% win rate in their back pocket and in ranked they get some odd thought.. "Hey, let me try something fresh and new to change things up a bit." just get some games with that champ in that off role for the champ a few attempts in normals to see how it feels. .. its almost as if Riot was against me that game.. get someone on the enemy team that bans my champion. have someone on my team that is trying something new. have a sub par jungler who is calling out ever other person besides his duo who is doing basically equal to the team.. i got the nice wombo in that one.. i know it was probably doomed to fail.. and the loss was coming.. but just dont throw gasoline on a kitchen fire...
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