Riot's silence about the PAX debacle means one of two things

1. They realized they fucked up, but won't say anything for fear of pissing off the hyper radical SJWs currently on their case. 2. They don't think they did anything wrong, and that discrimination is ok, depending on who is on the receiving end. So no further statement is required. So, Riot. When are you gonna hold a panel that says "no whites allowed"? I wanna go to a panel where I'll feel safe and no white people will be around to make me feel unsafe. Should be ok right? I mean, women apparently feel threatened by men 24/7, according to you. Same principle. I realize this thread may earn me a ban. Well, I'm willing to take that risk to make a point. So mods, if you feel you have to ban for this, I hold no ill will towards you. Just know that I'm only doing what I feel is right, which is fighting discrimination.
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