My favorite type of players.

Flames you for picking Katarina top in lobby. Game starts, intentionally refuses to gank or assist you whole game. When you end up 17/5 solo caring him. He doesn't honor you at the end of the game, but send you friend invites and begs you to boost him. Can someone explain to me, why is this type of player not getting punished? All 4 of my teammates flamed me like hell for going Katarina top. While ingame they kept spamming lies that I'm toxic and that I flame and I didnt even bother writing anything at all. Won x2 1v4s, pushed the 2 inhibitors/towers solo and then when the game ended my team gave 0 honors, but 3 friend requests asking me to duoQ with them??? *sigh* please tell me I'm having a nightmare...
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