Lolreddit mods are biased individuals that censor unfavorable content

So I just saw this post on lolreddit: Why is it okay for the Renekton Top Only (a streamer) who posted twitch clips of another player breaking the rules but it wasn't okay for people to post any of the Nubrac/Nightblue drama? Just prior to this incident the Nubrac drama went down and all reddit posts (even ones which were unbiased and just posting the twitch clips) were taken down swiftly. It seems like the reddit mods have their own biases since select drama is allowed to be posted whilst others aren't. **DISCLAIMER: ** This thread is not about discussing any specific drama that has happened but about whether you think the reddit mods are correctly doing their job. I realize some people may say "who cares, it's just reddit?" but I believe it is worth discussing one of the largest LoL forums where thousands of LoL players go to discuss various things.
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