OG Championship Riven Golden Chroma

So I've noticed that there isn't a golden chroma for OG Championship Riven, what gives? I heard that 2016 was chosen for availability and that OG was looked over because it'd be more difficult to get into the store because then someone would accidentally get a chroma they would be unable to use. What about the people with OG? Why are we getting gypped again? Sure, I realize Riot made a mistake in making OG Limited and not Legacy and now they have to pay for it, but that matter remains true, they made a statement and they have to stick with it. I've loved that skin since it released, bought it and swore not to use it until i felt like I was worthy. I poured hours into riven to actually feel like I deserved it. Then 2016 was released, and i understood, just personally wished the splashes were a bit different so that there would be a more clear difference between them and maybe a color shift for the 2016 skin. Then when I saw Neo PAX Sivir released and saw how much effort they put in into making sure the skins were different and the original was immediately recognizable, i got a bit frustrated, that kind of effort could've been placed onto OG CS. And now you dont let me get the chroma for OG? I'm sorry but no one who has OG will get the chroma for 2016. It's like having an awesome double cheeseburger with 100% black angus beef but get told that if you wanted some special sauce, you would have to downgrade to some one patty 10 yr old frozen beef cheeseburger. That isn't right, You're not giving us OG CS Riven owners any respect for being one of the originals to support worlds. Heck we even had to put up with the skin being bugged to have the classic green textures for the longest time. Sorry to rant, but OG CS Riven is the skin I'd choose if i was forced to delete every single skin in my account, its worth more to me than any epic, legendary or any ultimate skin. Even if you told me that you'd give me every other skin in game plus every new one that will ever come out for as long as LoL exists, if I traded it, I wouldn't even consider it. This skin matters to me, to all the people that own it, and as such it should matter to you guys. There are plenty other threads on the treatment of OG CS Riven [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/zNmcH5TV-riot-championship-riven) and [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/fu65bjsO-golden-chroma-being-released-for-the-2012-championship-version-of-riven), it's clear that this skin matters to people, so can we please get something done about this? Edit: lets not forget the teased image of Golden OG CS Riven that was posted before they decided they weren't gonna do it. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-FashHRiCajI/W5wNha9t2SI/AAAAAAABHUk/LMGl3Qrl7usYuip6NnkgXKzUU9E-JPCEACLcBGAs/s1600/92019.png
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