Quit putting champ shards in chests

Ok...enough Riot, quite putting champ shards in chests. Originally they were all skin shards, essence and gemstones. You dropped the rate of gemstones, quit giving essence for just playing matches, and now rather than skin shards showing up in champ capsules, you add them at a very high rate to chests...like wtf... I'm sure I'm not the only one...but I have over 100,000 blue essence...and to be honest it's closer to 200,000 than it is to 100,000. I don't need champ shards in the limited number of chests I manage to earn. I regularly buy RP in order to get skins and or the special capsules or quests...let me earn chests that are worth at least a little something rather than crappy champ shards that are WORTHLESS. That is all.
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