Will i get banned for playing funny picks like this Teemo ?

I'm shocked that this Teemo guy is banned just because he tried something different. Nightblue3 have played a lot of trollbuilds on his account with his champ but he isnt banned. I'm feared now, i'm playing originals picks like Ahri or Taliyah apc bot (instead of adc), i'm playing Jarvan supp, i'm playing Leona jungle and top, i'm playing Taliyah top because it's safe, i'm playing Sona full ap sometimes, i played Leblanc adc with an adc build... I played Tristana ap, Karma tank, Soraka adc in aram and i even get a pentakill with her... I played funny compos like Zyra Heimer bot lane, Lux Morgana, Ahri Sylas, Yasuo Orianna, Irelia Riven... and everytime i tried to do my best. (I precise i do this only in normals game or draft. Not ranked). If people like this Teemo are banned because they are playing something different, will I get banned to play these picks ? God, i tought we could play what we want as long we dont try to INT, to flame, to blame, as long we have a positive attitude, even tough we lose...
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