What's wrong with naming and shaming?

But really. There are many "people" who has only one motivation to "play" League of Legends: ruin as many games as it's possible. And now I'm talking about obvious trolls not about those who can't play or beginners. Those who literally never help to anyone and only care about their farm and stat. Those who throw the game after 1 death or mistake. Those who over and over start to fight 1v1 with clearly overfed enemies. While he is in 0/8/0 but still wants to 1v1 for the 9. time because what if the gods will come down and help him. Those who say "it's only normal" or "i'm only playing for fun". This means that they will never ever care about anything, they will feed, they will trollpic. Literally. Also i'm collecting printscreen about those people who are inting or trolling without doubt just to who Riot how good is their system is. The guy who only bought tears of goddess items and said ingame and after that he had no reason to troll, the guy who was always 0/15/0 6 rankeds in row, the disco nunu who didn't get the lane he wanted so he went troll etc... WHY SHOULDN'T I POST THEM HERE WITH NAME? Because anyone can photoshop images like them? Of course but Riot can see every messages in lobby, ingame and after! Also i can dowload and replay any matches so i can't lie! The players here and Riot can easily tell if i was right! There is no reason to say that "they have rights" lol they don't have any! They have so many freetime that they literally waste it to destroy strangers games with NO reason, risk a ban and make everyone angry! Is there anyone who dare to say that they deserve anything but ban? If i say that I had disco nunu in my team and I post him here... you can check my match history and you can replay it. I can't lie about it because every can check it!
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