I miss the old days

When Towers didn't drop at 6 mins When even if you went 0/3/0 you could come back and be relevant in team fights When Bot lane didn't go 1/14/2 10 mins in the game no matter how bad they are/how good enemy team is When Dragon/Baron wasn't more like a worm and hatchling When ADC Did tons of damage over time instead of killing people in 0.1 second When a Rammus with 800 armor could 1v1 Even a Fed ADC if he was caught out When games wasn't over 15 mins into the game (I have actually killed nexus faster then that a few times) I honestly miss longer games where it was games that focused on playing with your team and trying to out smart the enemy team, to look for weaknesses, and strike when they make a mistake... instead of get a kill.. then tower, then another kill and dragon and poof game is over because you now have so much damage you kill every one in one hit (ive been on both sides of this, and both sides suck) I mean sure people don't want to watch 60 min games in the LCS, ok, fine, great... but that doesn't mean we all want to play every single game and have them be done in less then 20 mins... most games I legit don't even see a elder dragon spawn because its always 10 / 30 or 30 / 10 with one team pushed into the other teams base hitting on the nexus already
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