What Should I Get My BF For Valentine's Day?

My boyfriend is currently deployed in South Korea and to make our first Valentine's day special the problem is I don't want anything except to spend time with him. We play league, watch anime, and read manga together. We usually save up for releases and play games together so our spending is planned out. I guess the real problem is neither of us has ever had a Valentine before. Dispite knowing each other for 13 years neither of us had much luck with the holiday. Guys I'm stuck. He loves league more than anything and Yorick is his favorite champ. I wanted to draw something for him but is that honestly a good enough gift? I also wanted to make a comic or a fan fiction (he loves reading mine apparently because I have the right mix for action believability and fluff) about how we met on the rift all those years ago but I think that's too cheesy. Guys what do I get this guy for Valentine's day?!
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