I like the Wukong mini rework.

Here's what I like about it: -The bonus damage from passive is nice. It adds the numbers he needs to keep up. -The sustain added to his q makes it easier for him to stay in lane. -The extra auto range from cast abilities absolutely feels amazing. It gives him reasons to play slower and get those autos in while kiting around shorter-ranged melee champs that can miss an auto or two because of this. -The clone attacking enemies for lower damage gives slightly more potential to fakeout enemies. Having it stick around longer also gives the choice of "do i max w second here?" (jk no it doesn't) -Making the animations for when he presses s and presses w identical has been a long time coming. -The clones spawned from his e being given actual hitboxes to block skillshots and trick enemies is also a welcome change. (they don't stick around, don't worry) -Being able to cast abilities during his ult is my favorite change. It'll take time to get used to, but I'm so grateful for this one. Here's the problems with it: -A bit overtuned -clone sticking around longer won't make a difference in gold+ since players will know not to stand next to it -The bonus range for his q is actually kinda annoying to play against. Dashing away won't help you escape because it follows you. -the clone standing still and attacking makes it obvious he pressed w, I'd say reduce the duration of the clone to 1.5s and give it the same ad and as as wukong but let it walk in a random direction. Also, if wu presses s while invis, make the clone stop instead. -He's not Kled. -His q does magic damage making it harder to itemize against him -He can't run or chase anyone and doesn't do enough damage to one shot anyone unless he gets fed.
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