"Critical Error Crash Dump" Message

Ok, so I know I'm not the only one with this issue, and I know whoever is suffering through this is not having a fun time in Summoner Rift. For me, during every game, I would get the "Critical Error" message and lose at least 30 seconds in-game. 30 seconds or more is a lot in league, as it could make you more behind than you already were, or the advantage you achieve plummet because of it. I did some research and I know some people is forced to restart their computer or even forcefully shut it down, making them lose ranked games after ranked games. This isn't just for Summoner Rift. This is for all mode: Bot Games, ARAM, Teamfight Tactics, any special mode that was currently going on. Here's the thing, my desktop have this issue, but my laptop doesn't. While I would like to blame Riot for this, I don't think it's entirely their fault; however, this issues have been out for a long time, and I feel like Riot should've said something more publicly on this issue. Maybe they really don't care about the game anymore, but this thread is not to roast Riot, but to tell you the "potential solutions" I found online and the results of them for me personally. 1. Delete Config and Logs from your League of Legends folder (Most Common One) Result: Didn't work This was by far the most common solution I found online, and for me, it didn't work, but it did for some people. 2. Hextech Repair Tool Result: Didn't work Riot and videos have suggested that by using Hextech Repair Tool and tried Reinstalling and Repatching, it will fix this issue. I found no support that this method will work online, and I thought it worked when I played 2 games without any errors, but boom, 3rd game, it popped up again. If you're having this issue, you should try, as there's no fault to trying. A video said it requires you to run as an administrator, so I might need to try this again. 3. Turn Off Firewall (DO NOT DO THIS) Result: N/A I don't care if this actually fixes it, DO NOT TURN OFF FIREWALL. You gotta think about it, is it worth it playing league with high risk of virus infection, or not play league with virus protection. I don't know about everyone else, but I do more than just play league on my desktop. 4. Deleting two files from League folder: league_client_sln and league_game_client_sln (Not available for me) Result: N/A This is a weird one. Some people have these folders in their league folder but not for me. If you have these files, do try it out, as I can't tell you my experience on this one. 5. Uncheck League of Legends on your Window Defender Firewall Result: Didn't work This one was a easy test. Go to control panel, find Window Defender Firewall, go to where the apps have all the checks and uncheck and uncheck league of legends. You guys can try it, but didn't work for me. 6. Anti-virus program Conflict Result: N/A Some say it could be the anti-virus software you have installed, but I have Malwarebytes for a long time, and it didn't have a problem until recently. I did recently download CCleaner, but I don't think that counts, since it's not a anti-virus. I've heard the biggest one with conflict is Avast. 7. Adding League of Legends to Data Execution Prevention Result: Didn't work For those who want to try it out, go to System --> Advanced System Setting, see Performance and click Settings, then go to Data Execution Prevention. Click on the 2nd one with saying TURN ON DEP FOR ALL EXCEPT and add League of Legends to it(Not the client). You might need to restart your PC for the change to apply. I thought this was the fix since I didn't get it for 3 days but then suddenly poof, critical error popped up again. Now, I personally think it's my desktop being screwed up, but it could also be the incompatibility between something in my PC to league of legends. I say this cause my laptop is perfectly fine with it, but I prefer not playing at my 8 years old laptop. If anyone know any other solutions that I didn't list, and it works for you, do share, because I am already stressing over college applications, I do not need this also. Also, let me know if any of these worked for any of you previously or after you applied these. I wish you guys the best of luck, and hope you guys can enjoy Summoner Rift once again! ~Jackiechan3
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