Some suggestions / Rant (About Smurfs)

I already see downvotes and people talking crap but this is more of a rant with a couple of suggestions on to help smurfs from ruining games. So... I vs a platinum 3 enemy jungler that is clearly smurfing and he is in a gold 2 elo game and he's not even duoing why anyone.. So how is he even here in my game?? He legit has nothing played from season 8 and he is all sudden dominate in season 9 with insane kda's / win rates?? He is obviously diamond 2/3 or maybe higher... This is just 1 of the games.. Our game: His Stats: Some of his match history: Please take a look. If you can't make smurfing a punishable offense... then please make it so you don't lose LP when losing to one but they can gain LP.. It's not fair that you MUST climb through a single player that is x10 the elo of you. **I understand this happens to everyone but this is pure and udder bs. Make it so you lose less LP or something. Don't make it so rewardable to smurf. At the end of the season you see 6 out 10 games a smurf.**
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