The boards will get deleted however i have a little question for Riot

the info has been given by a french rioter on the official league of legends french boards and he said other boards not only the french one will be concerned. They decided to migrate to discord. So first you closed the golden era period first website old forums. You said it wasn't good enough to work and discuss with the community. Now you that the boards exist you want to delete them for discord ? the info leaked on the french boards because rioters communicate way more on those. French boards are going to be deleted first, but they are not the only boards to be concerned. "ce n'est pas une décision qui concerne que les forums Français" you say that it isn't good enough to communicate with players : but did you even tried ? yeah you communicated on non related gameplay subjects like art, design, behaviour and funny things. However when people made constructive and non trash comments on the gameplay and how to improve it, no discussion... I feel you just have enough of the boards because of the cycle of complains your employees see with the upvote system. I guess that topics getting more than 100 upvotes saying that the game is in a bad state is a bad advertising for your game... Yeah and i'm sure that many rioters think the community on the boards is a bunch of assholes and that they get harassed by watching topics saying their game isn't right at the moment. Guess what perhaps you are right we are offensive people, but perhaps the state of the game isn't good too ? Perhaps the state of your game make us offensive to you. I know a lot of people that never went to lol forums or to the boards complain before mid season 7. That's when you began to powercreep everything in your great game. No way of balancing ? so let's make it easier to deal with despite the quality of the game getting lower. What a big mistake !!! So my question is do you think that suppressing the boards will let you improve the game ? i don't think so. the upvote system on the boards is a good way to indentify something good or wrong about the game. The reality is that the main team behind league of legends is : NO MORE : some left with the cash after the big success, some got fired, some left because they had disagreements with the direction, some are working on Riot's new project. and with those upvoted topics Riot's new employees working on lol feel the pressure because they can't do what their elders knew perfectly. Creating balance !!! Yeah akali's rework release with the balance joke on the spotlight... we all know what happened to the character which got nerfed as hell hit by a truck of nerfs. Riot's current team working on lol isn't able to work as efficiently as the old league of legends team because a good part of the current employees don't know how LoL really works. Who knows you better than your parents ? in the case of league of legends the parents left...
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