Still have to pay to get Tokens );

Erm, so I purchased the - Arcade Pass, about a week late. - You get 18 tokens for a first win of the day - You get 8 Tokens per win - You get like a 300 or 400 token bonus. - Today is the 18th, and im only at around 800 tokens still getting 8 tokens per win after my 18. When is this going to be fixed to make token farming easier? By the time the event ends if I worked a real life job I would have to spend like 5+ hours every single day playing the game just to get 2000 tokens? Is there not a way to get tokens faster like wtf, other than spending $100 to pay 2 enjoy? 18x 30 days = 540 400 Bonus tokens with pass purchase 940 Still short 1040 Tokens 8 Tokens per win to farm the rest = many many hours of farming ARAM just to get them?
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