How do you guys feel about this patches reworks

So I was just wondering with all these patches to all these old heroes how do you feel about them Swain--> I haven't really laned against his old version a lot because I'm new, but it feels like his abilities flow better me. Irelia--> I'm sorry never played old irelia that much or fought her, but from my memory it felt like focusing on positioning for abilities was a giant thing now. Aatrox--> Giant lane bully now, shoves lane into turret. Too annoying to deal with. If I see him I take singed and try to be more cancerous. Akali--> kinda annoying as a sup or jung I have to save an oracle sweep or control ward in case of w, but I have not tried the character that much. So it seemed like league is to trying to get old heroes that were unpopular to play some popularity by giving reworks. Those reworks however give more active abilities that make them feel like play making champions. It feels kinda wild recently where carrying comes more so from mechanical play, but how do you feel about have those characters reworked? P.S I was also wondering what is with the meta in lol? I feels like it's is just cycling through hero classes such as tanks, assassins, and mages.
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