I feel like Riot should just ditch reddit entirerly

>b-but most of the community is on reddit yes and that's a problem. there should be a reason why people would choose boards over reddit. ability to show off your stats under your posts or an easy way of linking a match from match history would be a good start. >b-but they would have full control over moderation and stuff and that's a bad thing~! they have same control over reddit moderation. this has been known for ages. >b-but boards are hugbox of strictly popular/negative opinions~! as if reddit wasnt the same but worse lmao. Not to mention that I would be banned 5 times over before even ending this post if it were on reddit since their moderation is borderline fashistic with their censorship. >b-but reddit has culture~! culture of circlejerk and esports fanatizm. I'd take negative circlejerk that actually improves the game of boards over the shit that goes on reddit any day. In the end, i believe that Riot should just focus more of their attention to boards as a way of improving/strengthening their relation with the community. I see no point in doing amas on reddit or introducing pbe changes on fucking twitter. I do see a positive change from Riot in that regard but its clearly not enough. You literally made your own reddit with the boards. Please just use them.

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