On the recent issue of "UPVATE IF YOU WANT BANS IN ARAM RETURNED" threads

Okay yah lot, there's been some hubbub going on about this "UPVATE IF YOU WANT BANS IN ARAM RETURNED" thread that reached 300+ 'upvates' then was deleted for low-effort content The recent string of low-effort threads created following that thread behind deleted and drama behind them has been causing so much issues, that a Rioter who's been trying to reach out to talk about this particular topic cannot because the threads would be taken down rightfully so before they get the chance, leading to make this frustrating for everyone all around and quite more ridiculous than it needs to be So overall this thread is going to go over why that thread was taken down, why other threads like it are taken down and are going continue being taken down as well, and give the Rioter a place to converse the topic of bans in ARAM So let's get to the nitty gritty, why the original thread was deleted? To quote the Herald named 'The Dijnn' - > [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=ur1Oi4rb,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-04-23T13:58:09.470+0000) > > Posts get removed when they're in violation of the rules and we notice them, either through normal browsing when we have time (and are at a computer we can moderate through) or through player reports. Upvote total rarely figures in. > > In this case it was a holiday weekend, which leads to a large number of people casually on the boards, but which also includes family and/or religious obligations for many individuals, including the moderation team. This means that the number of casual posters/upvoters is higher than usual, while the number of moderators able to dedicate time to swiftly addressing issues is lower than usual. > > If a post does more than request upvotes for agreement by attempting to create a discussion, offer points for consideration, etc., that's fine. That was not the case here. The original thread was deleted for low-effort content, and generally creating an unhealthy discussion that basically went down to "Hey, upvote this to agree with me and circlejerk this thing with me instead of discussing it in any sort of manner" There have also been claims that Riot specifically took down the thread, this is false A member of the volunteer moderation team did (that is made of players like you and me), which like The Djinn explained, understandably cannot deal with every issue on the boards the second they appear So next, why are the threads being made about this topic also being deleted and/or locked? For the same reason, for being low-effort and generally un-healthy in nature However continuing from this, I also want to make this very clear, the topic of asking for bans to return to ARAM itself is a perfectly fine thing to ask, **_however the nature of how it was asked wasn't_** You want to make a thread saying you want bans back in ARAM in a proper manner? That's perfectly fine You want to make a thread saying you want Vayne gutted? Go for it! You want to make a thread demanding that assassins get as much CC as tanks? People will disagree, but no one is gonna stop you! You want to make a shitepost thread here in GD with a title that's just a '.' and has a gif of a giggling syrup thing dancing on pancakes?! https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/NQ8En5wR- **WELL I BEAT YOU TO IT!!!** ##HOWEVER! [ ](http://boardscodingbeshitesoIhadtodothistomakeitspaceoutright) #The volunteer staff would never censor you of your means to make threads so long they fit within the rules of the boards Finally, to let this thread serve as a proper place to discuss the topic of if bans should return to ARAM or not, or if there's another means to possibly fix some issues around it as well, and give Rioter's a place to add their input as well Personally I would like ARAM to be truly all random by unlocking all the champions in it and having the bans return to deal with more problematic/annoying to deal with champions

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