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I&#039;m glad to see that as a community, we understand eachother. Of course, I was incredibly upset about how Riot managed handling the Pax situation. I wasn&#039;t able to partake in the event due to clear discrimination, which is why I&#039;m closing the door for League of Legends and Riot games as whole. It&#039;s been at a steady decline as it is, from randomly nerfing things like Sejuani because of professional play, to completely ignoring the community in their wants and needs. The Daniel Klein thing just pushed me over the top, I cannot support a company who hasn&#039;t even apologized for his actions. He is a part of Riot games, so that means he is a part of **YOUR** team, he is a face of many to represent your company, regardless of his ranking status or position. He blatantly insulted an entire gender, belittled tons of people, proclaimed subtleties of all men being rapist pigs, made racial metaphorical similes, and etc. Honestly, if I had the option of going back to the Pax and apologizing to all the guys who had to wait until 2:30, I would. I would take responsibility for Riot&#039;s stupid mistake and apologize for them, because even though I know it wasn&#039;t my fault, I still feel guilty. Those guys paid money for tickets, for gas/plane tickets, for a hotel or for a cab, it could&#039;ve been a thousand dollar trip for some of them, and yet you treat them like that. That&#039;s just outright sad and depressing. I will be keeping up on the boards and reddit however, just to see how this thing passes. Incase anyone was wondering on what post I'm directing this one off of, here you go. Hope you have have a wonderful day <3 (:
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