I would like to apologize for spreading misinformation

First of all I say the gay station and I jumped the gun. I was going to edit my post but the thread has been locked. I was pissed because I have seen numerous companies profit off the back of the LGBTQ wave and still discriminate against my community. I AM NOT HOMOPHOBIC! I am literally pansexual. I have dated a chick with a dick and a dude with a vagina. I volunteer at transition groups and at junior drag shows. I was upset because I was under the impression that Sony was profiting off the suffering of my fellow brothers and sisters with this so called "gay station". A lot of companies profit off of marginalized people and never lift a finger to help those groups. (I'm looking at you HotTopic and Hollister) I'm sorry if it seemed that I was trying to bait people. I wasn't. And at the time it seemed Sony was re-releasing the system as they social retweeted the device along with many confirmed custom devices but I should have fact checked more. That is all on me. Let the down voting commence.
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