Bots are Soft! Banned for 24 games for a Minor Text!

I just received a 25 games chat restriction although I have never cursed in the chat except saying ''WTF''. I know I might have been a little rough by saying ''Just ff , we can't win or things around that'' but this is clearly not worse then what the community has seen or I did on a daily basis. On the other hand, just because I got reported for something minor as this and I didn't report a few of my teammates who were doing the same, I hope they got the similar punishment handed. I want League of Legends staff member to review this text and re-think when it comes to their bot handing these punishments. Appreciated for your time and let me know what you guys think about it. Am I overreacting or it is well deserved? I mean except few funny lines in there, the text is filled with minor comments just as ''FF'' ''Wtf'' GG! xD Text- Game 1 In-Game ShxbyDaSyko: ty bud ShxbyDaSyko: I don't play if otften, 2nd game with him in 2 years ShxbyDaSyko: wp ShxbyDaSyko: talon come when Im here ShxbyDaSyko: in case he runs away ShxbyDaSyko: told u ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: that was a nice gank but idk how I survived ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: nice try kayn. saw u xd ShxbyDaSyko: please don't come top and feed my player ShxbyDaSyko: cause if he's fed, its gg ShxbyDaSyko: wp ShxbyDaSyko: sivir leave ShxbyDaSyko: na fam xd ShxbyDaSyko: just taking care of u ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: dam ShxbyDaSyko: wp ShxbyDaSyko: cove ShxbyDaSyko: cover my tower ShxbyDaSyko: wow ShxbyDaSyko: told u gnar fed is gg ShxbyDaSyko: how xd ? ShxbyDaSyko: ward ? ShxbyDaSyko: oh ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: talon come ShxbyDaSyko: lets gank bot ShxbyDaSyko: wpw ShxbyDaSyko: no help ShxbyDaSyko: ty ShxbyDaSyko: talon ran away xd ShxbyDaSyko: wtf ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: wtf ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: ggwp ShxbyDaSyko: we can't win teamfights ShxbyDaSyko: vote yes or no ShxbyDaSyko: wow ShxbyDaSyko: u could've got a triple there ShxbyDaSyko: just ff ShxbyDaSyko: its over tbh ShxbyDaSyko: I Started well but cna't anymore ShxbyDaSyko: wpw ShxbyDaSyko: ff ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: why xd ? ShxbyDaSyko: why would u honor us xd ShxbyDaSyko: ik ShxbyDaSyko: imagine 5v5 ShxbyDaSyko: its gg ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: who keeps voting no ? ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: I mean we can win ShxbyDaSyko: but would be hard ShxbyDaSyko: Should I re-change my name or buy a new champ ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: I went to ward baron , what u saying xd ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: i need it wtf ShxbyDaSyko: don;'t still when I START it ShxbyDaSyko: no need to ask ,If im already on it and u can see it ShxbyDaSyko: bro ShxbyDaSyko: yall ask for help ShxbyDaSyko: then don't helop ShxbyDaSyko: best team ShxbyDaSyko: then don't ping and ask for help smh ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: we legit got no chance at this point ShxbyDaSyko: just wasting time ShxbyDaSyko: or maybe we do ShxbyDaSyko: but only with team fights ShxbyDaSyko: ward baron ShxbyDaSyko: wow ShxbyDaSyko: can yall all be here and help ShxbyDaSyko: instead of having soraka top . etcc ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: support ShxbyDaSyko: use abilities ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: xd alistar ShxbyDaSyko: Im not being mad or mean ShxbyDaSyko: just saying help him ShxbyDaSyko: and not warlk ShxbyDaSyko: so Do I with soraka's ShxbyDaSyko: not because You're both in the same club that u need to defend each one xd ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: can yall both go and get baron ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: talon that's why I wanna ff ShxbyDaSyko: not hard ShxbyDaSyko: we are getting rkt ShxbyDaSyko: something u don't see I guess ShxbyDaSyko: ikr ShxbyDaSyko: my talon is mad and saying Im trash ShxbyDaSyko: not my fault u got 15+ kill ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: so is kayn ShxbyDaSyko: just ff ShxbyDaSyko: not that hard to see that we will loose ShxbyDaSyko: xd ? ShxbyDaSyko: gg Post-Game ShxbyDaSyko: gg Game 2 In-Game ShxbyDaSyko: play safe , its fine ShxbyDaSyko: broo ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: this jinx legit got 1 kill from kindred that fed her ShxbyDaSyko: ff 15 ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: I said you gave her the 1st kill that fed her, where did you take your learning lessons ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: ff 16 ShxbyDaSyko: 15* ShxbyDaSyko: gg jinx ShxbyDaSyko: gg ShxbyDaSyko: ggwp ShxbyDaSyko: wtf ShxbyDaSyko: how didn;'t yoy die teemo ? ShxbyDaSyko: wp tho ShxbyDaSyko: wp ShxbyDaSyko: leave ShxbyDaSyko: xd ShxbyDaSyko: veigar stay with me ShxbyDaSyko: we make a good duo ShxbyDaSyko: wow ShxbyDaSyko: he fed ShxbyDaSyko: our team is legit feeding more ShxbyDaSyko: can yall please not feed ShxbyDaSyko: xd rip velkoz, getting rekt by a Q ShxbyDaSyko: kindred with all do respect, you are the one who started with the feeding process ShxbyDaSyko: soo please play and not feed ShxbyDaSyko: damm if only yall didn;t die in 2s ShxbyDaSyko: and were tanky enough ShxbyDaSyko: our mordekeisar dies in 2s ShxbyDaSyko: ggwp ! ShxbyDaSyko: gg
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