Riot is slowly (but surely) turning into EA

For the last couple of months Riot has had one fuck up after another. From little legends to eternals, from releasing skins into a bugged state to patches completly fucking up the game (looking at you 9.14) you name it! The reason I (and I've seen a lot of people saying the same thing) think so is because Riot has been seeking mostly profit in the past months and there's no sign of stoping any time soon. Let's start with the obviuos, the skins they keep releasing: Every single legendary skin they made in the past months have had a number of bugs that you'd think are pretty easy to spot since they happen so often, examples: -Everytime Dark Cosmin Jhin would recall when it launched everyone on your team would hear it (pretty loud i might add) -Everytime Project Pyke ults his audio goes completly silent, except for some skills -Everytime Galaxy Slayer Zed crits his animations would fuck themselves and he would just stand there Those are so out there and yet they still come out bugged, where as before there was nothing wrong with them. That's where the mentality " it's good enough and we'll fix it later" starts to take shape. Then there's the little legends problem. To group each of them into eggs (3 legends/egg) is really a dumb idea and they got a really nasty reaction from the comunity but they still keep them that way. They said in the post which explains how everything works that **they wanted to give you the same feeling that you get when you finally get that champion to level 3 in game". Here's why that's WAYYY to stupid even for them to not realise it: When you finally upgrade a champion in game it does feel good, but that's because you finally got lucky enough to get it and because there was no real money involved in them. Now, when you translate that to the little legends, there ARE money involved. By grouping them into 3 legends / egg, with every legend having 6 skins, each skin having to drop 3 times to get it to 3 stars, AND by making some of them rarer than others, there's almost no gurantee you'll get the skin you like unless you keep them money rolling. To " get that feeling of finally getting a 3 star" is bullshit here because it involves so much money, which, again, they seem to start to want more and more. And the fix is so damn simple that it makes it even more obviouse that they start caring less about players and more about milking as much as possible. The fix? Just give each legend it's own egg and done! The prestige skins: Now where do I even begin with this. Those skins are pure trash. Not because the paywall they come with (well that too), not because of which champions get them, but because they don't add much to the original skin to begin with. Having such a paywall in every event, or the prestige points but that kinda got a little fix, you'd think they would be a whole lot better than the original, but nope, spray a little gold on it and done, easy work, easy money. Now to eternals. They want to make us pay for stat trackers, which in the old client were free for every single champion. And the things they want to add extra for them? The mastery add on and the milestons? Those couldn't be more of a joke than they are at this point. It's literally just another excuse for them to monetize the game even more. The events/orbs: Those are becoming more and more stale as time goes on. It's literally the same thing over and over, the only thing that changes is the name of the event and the skins for everything, nothing more. There was a time back in the day when an event would be so much more than 6 missions and some orbs. Remember oddysey? Remember the FREE PVE event that we got? With all the augments and all the challenges we got? Where are those now? Oh yeah tft rolled out, so what do we get now? Icons? Emotes? Come on... With oddysey we got a progression system to keep us busy, they even gave us oddysey ziggs. But now? Some arena maps are the best things you can think of as of right now. Almost 6 years with this game and boy was there a lot. But now, if they keep pulling this kind of stuff, there's a good chance they'll ask at some point the same thing EA asked recently "How are we the bad guys?" Shipping skins bugged, bugging the game with well over 60 bugs in a single patch, which, if i'm not mistaken, was the buggies patch so far (if not let me know), looking to nickel and dime as much as possible, releasing skins for the same champions over and over because they can get the most profit (God forbid Lux goes without a skin for another year), this is not the same direction they were going back in the day. I just hope they figure their stuff out and take the right path. Until then, keep the prestige skins coming and the RNG eggs coming. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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