I think Twitch had a stroke.

Some of you may remember my rat, Twitch, who you helped me name a few months ago. I regret to inform you all that the once lively, cuddly Twitch appears to have suffered a stroke. He did not respond to his name or the fact that we were feeding him. We found him unresponsive in his cage. We removed him from his cage and placed him in the bathtub so he could move more freely. He was listing to one side and dragging his limbs as he spun in circles. We have reason to believe he is now blind as a result of this, as well as no longer being able to move. This happened overnight. He was fine yesterday. He's alive right now but idk how much longer he has left. I thought y'all should know cause you seem to really like my rats. I'm so sorry, Twitch. https://i.imgur.com/sXR9WpO.jpg[]
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