First of all i hope this post gets attention and reaches enough people. And i am sorry cause i am about to butcher the English language. League is a game based around relation between players, either as teammates or enemies, and sometimes along this journey of grind we meet other players we consider as friends. but with the retirement of the old client the game lacked communication, with the loss of public chatrooms and players started relying on other platforms such as Discord or Facebook groups to find players with similar interests and its not as efficient as it used to be. For example almost a year ago we got the odyssey game mode and the augments missions, it was hard to organize what mission players wanted to play and it resulted in a lot of toxicity in champion select, which resulted in players going through social media in hope of finding others who wanted to play the same mission. But with public chatrooms you can always ask for whatever type of mission you want to grind for, or what mode you want to play or, if you want some players for your custom game and all of that without leaving your game client. Sometimes entire communities and friendships was built through this public chatrooms; like the Public Beta chatroom on the PBE server. In the end i want to hear your opinions and ideas about this and i hope it reaches the eyes of riot employees and for them to discuss such a topic with us. Thank you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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