Sent a support ticket regarding me getting banned off of one game. Here's what I got in response.

Hey again Blackiehammer, Oh, there's a lot of accounts associated with your email, sorry for any sort of confusion. Let me highlight a few points of your chat log that did place a 2-week suspension on your account. [14:01] BlackieHammer (Nunu): Sending a support ticket [14:07] BlackieHammer (Nunu): enjoy the ban mate [16:01] BlackieHammer (Nunu): go fuck yourself. [17:05] [All] BlackieHammer (Nunu): Idk how you're diamond. [17:14] [All] BlackieHammer (Nunu): You should follow hashinshin [17:20] [All] BlackieHammer (Nunu): you and him have similarities [17:37] [All] BlackieHammer (Nunu): literally the most disgusting attitude i've ever seen [22:29] [All] BlackieHammer (Nunu): guy deserves to suffer tbh. Your account has been suspended for 2-weeks for developing a very negative environment for other players to be in by telling other players that you're going to send in a ticket to ban them, telling players to go fuck themselves, berating a player for their gameplay, and saying a player should "suffer". I understand that other players were causing issues in the game but your account is being punished for your actions and yours alone. We take this sort of negative behavior very seriously and because this chat log is considered to be toxic, this 2-week suspension is correctly placed on your account and I will not be lifting it from your account.** Please understand that this is considered your last and final warning before your account will be in consideration for a permanent suspension.** I understand that when things are going badly and your teammates are not playing well that it can really get under our skin and you want to tell them off. But this sort of behavior only develops more negativity in your games and doesn't solve the issues at hand. If I were you in this situation I'd mute the chat, move the chat box off of my screen, and focus on my own game. This way, I wouldn't even give myself a chance to say something I might regret in the future. While I'm not able to help you further with this account, if there's anything else I can help you with I'll be here for ya. According to this Rioter, even though I havn't received a SINGLE INFRACTION on the account, no nothing, not a single chat restriction even with honor level 5, this is APPARENTLY toxic enough to skip a chat restriction and ban my account on the spot. What the fuck is going on? What if I was a new player who got tilted off of a game and decided to be toxic once? Would you ban them right on the spot? Like I get it that I know better to not flame, but for a new player, they don't know their boundaries. Edit: I'm laughing my fucking ass off because apparently those 8 lines of text is enough to get your account banned straight away, even though you're honor level 5. Go luck on the rift fellas, be sure to not be the slightest bit toxic or your account just goes bye bye.
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