Why Vi is the ideal female champion and riot should make more champions like Her

League of legend female champions have often been critized for sexism and i find this very true. All riot want is to push skimpy little girls with large desired body parts. However there is a few exception the best of which is Vi. Vi can be good from a gameplay persepcetive. All the other females are mage that throw a spell from backline to keep from the fray of battle and not damage their dainty little bodies. Vay is constantly in the heat of action charging with her fist. Sure other champion go in the battle like irealia and riven but they use a magic weapon where vi use her own fist. She carries her own weight and made everything herself. She jungles so she often has to carry the team and that helps her be independent and powerful. Sure she is skinny and pretty but it is not the part of the character that matters and she shouldnt have to not be pretty just because she is strong like riot want. Even champion like Morgana who used to be a face of horror just got prettied up with a rework now shes a 14 girl on her cellphone looking at tumblr. Who do u guys think is the best female champ by design. Make sure to vote in the poll
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