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This is almost fitting considering [this meme on the front page.]( Recently a couple of my own posts were removed by moderation. While I could shrug and say "Whatever, so be it," the thing that struck me about them is that **the mods are either very iffy in their responses or second guess themselves altogether.** To quote Djinn on this one, "The state of the boards is in a state of flux as we revise the guidelines." And this starts coming across in their responses - either weak justification or reconsidering if it's even justified to begin with. So due to some very questionable and poor moderation as of late, I'm basically just through using the boards. Not every mod is bad, but the few bad ones there are really tend to rot what we have. Before I leave, though, there are a few points that should be made about the moderation being done here and the state of our boards. Hopefully you guys take it to heart: 1. Go fuck yourse- I'm kidding. Look, here're some honest pointers: 1. _"We are unpaid volunteers..."_ This whole spiel. I understand you guys are unpaid, I get that it can be stressful - but you guys **need to communicate**. Trade phone numbers. E-mails. Do _some_thing, but you guys need to ask 4th or 5th opinions sometimes. When you guys don't communicate, you guys don't keep **consistent** with enforcement, meaning you will get such a wide variety of posts that slip through that may otherwise get removed - or worse, you remove posts that really shouldn't be removed just because of who saw the post. This is the reason you guys go deeper and deeper into meme tier territory - if you completely lack a structure, you make it impossible to know what actual "board etiquette" is as it can change on a whim. Which leads into: 2. **Quit trying to "reform" the boards.** By this I mean trying to add new boards in order to meddle with the rules of current boards - this started with Gameplay+ which was a failed attempt to... "civilize"(?) the gameplay boards? Now the "Rant" board has been lackluster-ly designed to reverse-engineer that same premise by keeping Gameplay but moving the "less civilized" posts to there. What you guys have been failing to understand, though, is that **the tone will match the subject matter** - if it's a woeful post about how a champ is doomed, then it's going to be sad. If it's a post about how a champ is broken, it's going to be very salty. If you _try_ to suppress any one of these things, then you are basically suppressing genuine feedback. Let's give an example from back in the day: remember this little shit {{champion:105}} ? The amount of rage posts and what could really only be the game balance version of death threats towards a video game character were *insane*. And maybe the boards got cluttered with them. But the thing is you glean from that something really important: Fizz was fucking unfun to verse and deal with. While he's since been surpassed by the (practically ascended) hatred of Yasuo, every gameplay post - whether just a rant or filled to the brim with statistics - always led to the point that _some_ thing was pissing people off. And the angrier the tone, the more you'd have to wonder what it was. And that leads to: 3. **We're not children**. I get you want to keep the boards at least relatively tidy and organized, but holy shit you need to stop moderating like a bunch of helicopter parents. We are perfectly capable of rooting out our own junk posts ourselves and figuring out what should be upvoted or downvoted - do we have a few trolls here and there? Sure, any boards does. But holy shit you remove posts for completely stupid reasons when clearly **your boards base knows what they want to see.** Removing a post that's already garnered a lot of upvotes and attention for anything outside of "This shit's legitimately offensive/harassing someone" is a complete asshat approach. Just as an outside example: the post asking for upvotes if people wanted ARAM bans back. Is it kind of karma-whorey? Maybe. Was it legitimate? Yes. Even given the kind of karma-whore nature of the title, it's still a valid way to give a visual representation of whether or not the ARAM bans were popular or not (at least within our microcosm). Would it perhaps start a precedent of more karma-whore posts? Sure, if you're dense. It's not just us that aren't children - you guys are completely capable of critical thought and can figure out if something is legitimately just karma-whore spam or if it's meant to serve a point. And not only that, you can certainly figure out what an exception would be for certain rules - you guys made this decision when the D.Klein fiasco blew up, pretty much stepping away from moderating those posts because things needed to just cool down first. That is a very *large* example, though - the point is that let's say you're against karma-whoring and spam posts. If a hot topic of conversation lately has been ARAM bans, you can let a couple "UPVOTE" posts go through on the topic and it's not going to hurt anyone. Stop trying to play parent to the boards. Besides having something in the wrong section or the occasional flame war, we can very much handle ourselves, thanks. I'm not super keen on leaving - I do like the discourse of discussion and exchange of ideas that takes place here. You can get your points validated or learn that you might have been wrong or approaching something the wrong way. Sometimes it's nice to just fuck about and post nonsense as well - but the moderation team is starting to go the way Riot's been going and that's trying to over-police every little aspect of everything while failing to come through when something actually does need to be done. And I'd rather not stress myself dealing with that. Hopefully you guys stop getting "woke" and just play your roles as normal again. But as is, I'm out. Good luck.
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