New Item ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like it would be nice to have more of a variety than whats the most common build paths for most current champions , especially Physical damage champions. I have maybe a few Ideas , maybe you guys can pitch some of your own Cost 2250gold 15%Crit 25%attack speed Unique passive:Pysical damage inflicts grevious wounds on an enemy for 3 Seconds {{item:3131}} I actually love this item , really wish it was in the game . Or what about a item for junglers , kind of like a nerfed wriggles lantern. Cost 2200-2400gold Item name:wriggles lantern 25attack damage 20%attack speed 10%lift steal/spellvamp Unique Actice give's 1 Control ward 300-510second cool down based on level Inability to be able to purchase any more Pink wards from the shop Good dueling item for tanks Cost 2500 Item name: sovereign shield 30 armour 30 magic resist 300 health 100% base health regen 10%cooldown reduction Unique passive: Nullifies individual enemy healing (lifesteal/spell vamp) gained from physical and magical damage against your champion Good dueling item for tanks Item would be incredible against massive HP stacking tanks , maybe a viable option over {{item:3033}} {{item:3036}} item name: incinerator 2600gold 50Attack damage 30%attack speed Unique passive: Dissolve(same as rageblade) Each basic attack deals and additional 1+.1%(increasing by champions level) of the targets max health as magic damage A very simple high cost item that might be of some controversy , but true damage in its currect state is outrageous hard counter to any champ that runs Conqueror , {{champion:67}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:2}} Cost 3500 Item name: extrue munitiones (latin for fortify) 45Armour 600 Health Unique passive:Reduces all true damage taken by 25% Unique passive:cold steel when hit by a basic attack reduces attackers attack speed by 15% for 1 second Anti assasian item For ADC's Item name: Courageous Axe Cost 2750 60Attack damage 12% lifesteal Unique Active: Disorient : Fear's an enemy champion within 500units for 1second 120second cooldown Defensive peel scaling support item option over {{item:3190}} especially good if your team already has another tank Cost 2400 45 Armour 45 magic resist Unique active : increases surrounding ally magic resist and armour by 15-45% based on level for 2.5seconds 120second cool down Cost:2500 Item name: Vampire staff 50ability power 200 health Unique passive:touch of death : magic penetration +15 Unique passive:Increases all healing by 30% (cannot be stacked with morello or spirit visage) Cost 3200 item name: Tormented veil 60ability power 300mana 100% base mana regen 10% cooldown reduction Unique passive:Black earth- Area of effect spells scorch ground for 1second after cast dealing 1-2% (Based on combat) level of enemy champion maximum health (cannot be stacked with {{item:3151}} ) So basically if you arn't hit with the spell you are still zoned from the area affected , kind of a zoning item with a little more utility over {{item:3151}} good with pretty much every control mage Anti siege support item Cost:2250 Item name: +25 magic resist +40 armour +350health 10% cooldown reduction Unique active : Fortifies Ally turrents for 15seconds reducing damage to ally turrents by 60% for 15 seconds (180second cooldown) passive: increases movement speed around ally turrets by 10% (1000 unit range) If my ideas are trash let me know .post some of your own too happy to see what we come up with ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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