Hey, lets talk about furries.

In this I just wanted to say no, {{champion:103}} is not a furry. Ahri si at best, a level 2. Now you're probably confused but let me explain the LEVELS OF FURRY. {{champion:22}} Level 1 is a complete human, no animal traits, no differentials in race (Orc, neko, ect) Level 2 are champions like {{champion:103}}. Completely humanoid sans a few non human features, i.e ears, tails, whiskers. Ahri is effectively a Neko, but with foxes. Level 3 is where things get more interesting. Level three has entire body parts that would normally be human, be non human. {{champion:16}} 's legs, {{champion:69}} Tail, {{champion:60}} human form, and so on. Level 4 is where the character has more animal traits than human, prime examples being {{champion:107}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:58}} and such. If you teeter into this tier, you're 100% undeniably a furry. Level 5 is where there is no humanoid characteristics to the character (Visually) {{champion:421}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} and so on. This has been a PSA on furry levels.
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