Why Surrender shouldn't be an option

EDIT: This post is MOSTLY towards ranked games. I've lost many games to my team surrendering 4-1, I hate the option, so many games can be won if everyone just tries to win them, but many people keel over and die, and give up because they can't handle the pressure; and that, I don't understand; I mean, Let me take a real life example of not surrendering; The US vs The British empire for the battle of independence; by statistics, we should have lost, we had less men, we had less experienced soldiers, WE SHOULD HAVE LOST; BUT WE KEPT FIGHTING; AND WE WON, YET, NOW. NO ONE WANTS TO FIGHT ANYMORE, NO ONE WANTS TO TRY, AND I LOSE BECAUSE OF THAT; Nevermind that you COULD win; NEVERMIND THE 10% CHANCE THAT YOU COULD WIN; I STRAP IN for an hour long game; because that's what this game can be; yet everyone else; doesn't want to try; doesn't want to learn from their mistakes; and will surrender. It shouldn't be an option; because it negates the learning experience that a loss is. And yeah, comment all you want about how not surrendering some games is a waste of time; you won't change my opinion; you're just weak-minded and can't handle stress. I want to win LP, not to keel over and surrender the LP away because the start went bad.
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