Unranked player in gold ELO

Since last weeks, i'm trying hard to play my best in ranked games. But that completly pissed me off. I'm kind of low ELO ( gold ), I don't always watch what rank are the other players in my team or the other team. In this game, I was assigned '' support '' and played Malphite. We really got rekt on bot lane ( it happens ). After 15 minutes, I decided to pay attention to my adc ( Miss Fortune ) and she had 30 cs and was like 0-7. So I decided to go see wich rank everybody in the game is. We had some S2 S1 G4 G3. All good BUT my adc ( Miss Fortune ) was unranked and LEVEL 19. I can't believe what happened. Like how the hell !? How can I upgrade my rank when this happen? Is there a bug or something I don't know? RIOT should really fix that.
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