Why the rankings of IMT and GAM in the worlds pick'em make no sense to me

So, in the pick'ems, IMT is put as forth and GAM is third. Now, one can argue based on how the tiebreakers worked it makes sense. However, my problem with it is that the only reason it's like this is because there was a tiebreaker. To look into the past, back in 2015, pain gaming and CLG tied at 2-4 and, in the pick'ems, were both 3rd. Now, sure, that was 2 years ago, they could've changed the rules. However, this year, assuming I'm not hallucinating, AHQ and EDG are both 3rd in Group A with there 2-4 records. So, THIS YEAR, there is a tie and they're both given 3rd place. To anyone who doesn't know what this means, if both teams are 3rd, it doesn't matter who you put 3rd and who you put 4th. If you put AHQ 3rd and EDG 4th or vice versa, you'd get the points for it. But now, we have IMT and GAM, who ended with the same record, and a head-to-head of 1-1, being marked as IMT 4th and GAM 3rd, simply because of the tiebreaker being based off game time, giving GAM the advantage. Game time is not a fully accurate display of strength, as some teams just play longer games, and game time is not used for 3rd and 4th place without ties, so why should IMT having longer game times than GAM make them 4th in the pick'ems despite a 1-1 head-to-head and 2-5 records?
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