So... Is Blitz game mode ready yet?

I remember the first time I saw Blitz thinking: Finally a game mode I can enjoy small map, lane, jg, team fights, objectives in a SHORT game... Noice! But it was just a test... Then it came back better IMO (except for the "On Fire" feature) but again a test? Now please tell me it's ready!? I mean you release champions and rework/balance them all the time so why not this game mode? I mean seriously having only 3 game modes after 9 years is kinda... Howling Abyss is really not appealing (to me), ARAM well is also played on the RIFT mid to late game at lower elo and the RIFT well again at my elo 50 min. games is way too long. Now I did try RANK over 400 games within 2 splits... It was awful probably the worst matchmaking I ever seen... Stumps, stumps and yes more stumps. Very few "balanced" games, not even going to go on disconnects, trolls and rage quitters after 1 death in lane... So please bring back Blitz as a permanent mode It's not like you have to create a new universe. It's already bean tested twice so please let us play it again.
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