Question about when to roam (Mid laner)

For most of my League career I was an adc-oriented type of person. Now however, I've been trying to play mid a lot more. I don't necessarily play this game enough to be considered as a "main in a certain role", but I have been wanting to become a middle mage player. (immobile mage at that since I like them better) With that being said, I checked my average stats versus other Silver II players for middle and there's only 1 category that I'm not (slightly) above average in and that's roaming. The average stat is 1.31 and i'm at a flat 1.00. When should I roam and how often should I do it? Do i not roam if i'm behind in cs? When do I freeze lane instead of roaming? I'm open to anything. {{champion:45}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:90}}
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