Bump Poll Pls ~ To Dev: Please Revise Penalty Policy for Self Defense Against Toxic Players

Dear Riot Community ~ Hello, HaiCupcake over here! I am calling your attention to ask for help in changing the policy regarding the degree of punishment when it comes to reasonable self defense against toxic players. It is my first post here, and I am guessing that in the forums most people probably do not generally come here unless experiencing a problem, in which probably doesn't put people in a good mood! This post seem to be attracting some toxic comments. It is a strange phenomenon where some people feel the need to swear and put others down. Not sure if toxic people are more likely to have tendencies to speak out to put others down or due to being in the forums are usually when people are trying to deal with frustrating issues, hence in a bad mood or something to respond overly aggressively or may skew the poll results to be more negative than the actual gaming community. I am guessing it is a mixture of all of the above. This is not about saying it is okay to be toxic, to accuse and guilt me of that is the same as saying abortion is just arguing for a right to murder people, which is clearly missing the point. I apologize for any misspelling, awkward phrasing or weird reading, since I have only learned English for about 10 years as maybe my 4th language. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best that could happen with adjusting policies in the future where if it is about Riot or even just in life in general~ I appreciate ya'll reading my post so very much for caring! This post if for you, for us, our community in society as fair and just to have punishments accordingly, to not give the full ban hammer or death penalty to anyone that show negative behavior when thrown in toxic situations you did not start and not of your fault. I bothered to type this post because care about the right thing and I truly hope in the future not every kind person who mess up just once responding negatively to being attacked would get the same treatment as actually horrible people who constantly make others feel bad, to differentiate punishments fitting like towards a thief for stealing food compared to serial killers that murder random crowds. Forget about my case, this article is about general examples. For most people, it takes months, half a year or more to get back one honor level. Luckily for me my honor has been doing well, it seems like I have an abnormally higher than average common rate of getting honored compared to most. Gratefully my honor level is already coming back up thanks to the support of my friends and fellow players on league who do recognize that I am a consistently friendly, encouraging, honorable player with bits of witty league humor to cheer up their days and make people happy. My usual response is the tag line peace, love, and cupcakes, or mute besides this one instance I thought it was funny to make smartypants jokes (that were not vulgar nor swearing) back to someone that was using caps, verbally abusive, harassing me with pings, calling me names, and then slandered me to the other team to convince them to report me that I am toxic when he is the one that started to flame me because I was not doing well in the game. I muted him when he started saying those ridiculous things in all chat which in retrospect, that was actually the wrong time for me to have stopped defending myself in all chat because he probably convinced the other team to report me hence getting me banned. My 2 friends and I in that game muted and ignored the chat rest of the game. I accept my punishment even if I do not believe I deserve the same penalty as toxic instigators when this first ban is the only time I have ever been negative making not the nicest jokes in response to a flamer, where I have never even once got upset at someone else for doing bad in a video game or flamed someone else first. Whether the ideas in this post may get implemented at a later date than my time with Riot, I hope that fellow players can come back to refer to and find this post helpful in hopes that logical change will be made to make Riot's rules and community better! May the poll with the votes show the true opinions of our Riot LOL community. Riot's policy for banning is a zero tolerance policy. If you know anything about zero tolerance policies in real life, it often brings people into really unjust situations. For example, kids getting expelled from school for fighting back to bullies. There were cases were kids fought back when they were bullied and they got punished the same as the bullies themselves who caused the problem for others. Sure, a kid punching another kid isn't right, but in that situation I do not think that kid is at fault when getting bullied. I can sympathize with the kid who got attacked for no good reason and do not think he is wrong to punch back in that situation. I understand that some people believe that no matter in what situation, hurting someone else is wrong. But I do not agree with that and I think horrible people do not deserve any more than how they treat, and what they give to others. It makes absolutely no sense to reward bad behavior, or that bullies deserve to be treated with kindness or respect when they gave none to others, blatantly attacking others whenever they feel like when no one has provoked them. If the law worked like Riot's banning system, anyone for any crime committed such as for example, theft, would instantly get the life or death sentence, the same treatment as a raging serial murderer or mass shooter. Any person who punched someone else back when they got stabbed would get the life sentence, or death penalty. Ironically, the toxic people who usually attack others may take many reports to actually be banned. But for some unlucky players who even if with level 5 honor, just because you have behaved once negatively not even attacking anyone else first, you still get the full life sentence of dropping to 0 honor. This means for that season, you will not be able to get the skin or any awards because getting from 0 honor to level 2 takes generally around a year or more depending on how much you play and get honored. A better solution is to punish people accordingly, to have degrees of punishment that are fitting to the situation and to player's overall behavior. Maybe make first time getting banned for negativity dropping 2 or 3 levels of honor instead of all, so if you are a maxed out honors level player where you have proved yourself to consistently be an honorable player you may still be at level 2 honor after the first time you got banned. That makes it so the toxic players who usually get reported or less honor might be around level 2 or 3 honor to start, then drop the 0 like what they deserve. I understand that zero tolerance is simpler for any major system like the government or Riot to monitor, but in an ideal world it is best to have according consequences fitting to the different situations, Right now, any players that use bad words will trigger bots with no context to the situation like quoting in self defense against toxic players will also be banned. This makes it so if someone verbally abuses you and you quote their words or show negative response, you also will be banned! I unfortunately experienced this when the player (ironically haha) named NoReport called me a name and I made the mistake where I quoted it back at him and asked did he have any other words beside that one. This triggered the ban bot to ban me because of the bad word I quoted from him to ask him for more vocab! He called me "u idiot", in which I responded back "u idiot... u dont know any words beside that one..." Because it was in the middle of the game the words of the conversation were kind of chopped up and I did not use the ? questions marks like the tone was meant to be. In which when only my chat is read, it sounds really bad like I am the bad person. I said he had an "trashy attitude" in which I do not know that "trashy" is considered a swear word by Riot that is ban eligible. Silly me, I did not know that’s how bans worked when I get little amounts feedback of me reporting people who actually were swearing of Your recent report lead the player to be punished for swearing / using bad word - automated messages. He was with probably a duo in that game who the other guy was also toxic towards not just me but other players as well in that game but we muted him super early on. He started to slander me to the other team telling lies to get them to report me saying I was the toxic flamer when he is the one who because I did not do well in that normal game started to called me names, yelled at me in caps, and kept pinging to harass me. I then made some jokes and said want some cheese with that whine? - quote from cho'gath, and did your mom leave early to not have taught u any manners? I muted the other toxic player at the start and him the one slandering me after I heard his first lie in all chat, so I do not know what else they said that ended up with me getting banned lying to the other team about the situation. We muted the toxic players once they brought this to all chat so I do not know what happened after that they said that may have gotten the other team to report me with making up more lies. I muted at the wrong time because I did not defend myself from the lies and did not clear things up to the other team who was just taking their words for it. Other players on my team besides the two toxic also agree with me and know what happened was they were toxic to them as well and especially harassed me and abused me because I was doing the worst on the team in a normal game playing a champion I was not familiar with ! ( I was trying to learn a champion and kept a positive KDA until the very end of game, I tried even if not good enough, sorry). I am not perfect, and I wish I responded better instead of joking back to the negativity. I usually don't respond back and just mute, but I was joking around that day and I understand my responses were not that nice. But when we get attacked, it is only natural we do not respond kindly to that, as humans should not like being attacked. I could have responded better but I did not verbally abuse them back calling them names in caps like they did to me. I did not know that we were not allowed to respond back and would end up with a full on ban. I think I do deserve a warning for giving not so nice responses back to the person, but not the same punishment as toxic flamers if that person even got punished for flaming me! Perhaps drop me a level or two of honor, but to drop me entirely from honor 4-5 to 0 means because of one slip up where I did not respond kindly but not abusively in a situation where I was harassed being yelled at and called names to deserve that same punishment as toxic flamers, losing everything and gets treated the same as people who instigated all of the negativity. This post is for any one in the future with situations where you get in trouble for reasonable amounts of defending yourself or the people you care about in situations where ya'll get attacked to hopefully just get a warning or less of a penalty than losing everything from a full ban, like toxic players who deserve the full ban for creating problems in games for others. I am not asking for a right to be toxic, but an understanding to the situation where self defense in small amount not to the point of calling others any names etc, is reasonable and should not be punished as severely as the attacker. I am requesting lee room for response to toxic flamers where for example if they flame the person 10 times and the person responds back negatively with 1 response not to the point of abuse calling them names etc, it is understandable in the context of the situation why the person felt a need to be defensive and therefore should not be as heavily penalized as the flamer who instigated the problem. I am not asking for a right to flame where in self defense you have a right to keep verbally abusing them back! I am requesting a lessened penalty, or a warning for situations where the victim slips up and responded back to the attacker who is the actual toxic player who created the entirety of the problem, without verbally abusing them back. Right now first ban is chat ban including losing all of your honor going back to 0. Even level 5 honor would get dropped to 0 and that means no rewards, no skin for all of that hard work you put into ranked. A warning instead of a full ban for situations of self defense would be more reasonable instead of banning them just the same as the toxic trolls. I have played since end of season 1, and I never ever have called someone else a name or got mad at them just because they are doing bad or bother me in any way. I studied psychology and helped many others in need through therapy, I take compassion truly to heart every second of my life! My friend, who is one of the nicest person ever where he is super shy and soft spoken in real life was also banned for two weeks when he responded at the end of the game to a premade abusive 4 men group that abused and harassed him all game. They said insanely messed up things to him and he got banned because he got reported by those toxic players even when he only said one thing at the end that was negative after being attacked for so long. One more unjust ban and my friend would be permanently banned from league forever. These types of bans due to any amount of self defense against toxic attackers is extremely wrong, unjustified, and I need your help to help us grab the attention of Devs to update the ban policy! I was referred to this idea by kind, understanding Riot support who seems to believe in this universal logic as well! That totally restores my faith in the logic of Riot. In court, they do not find the victim at fault nor punish them when in self defense against attackers. However in court, in small cases or the large the victim have ample space for self defense and they are not penalized for defending themselves. I am no law expert, but I know that victims are generally not penalized for self defense. In some states but only very few, there are penalties where if the self defense is way more harmful than the attack itself then they may be penalized. I also know this as a fact where what I claim is true from a case I experienced. There is a case where I got harassed by someone and we got in trouble with the police from the situation. Then I had to go in court, and the judge, upon reading the case instantly dismissed my case while the other person got penalized! I was found immediately not at fault for my reasonable amount of self defense against the attacker. With reasonable self defense it is totally understandable for humans to automatically respond defensively against attackers and abusers. If a person stabs someone else and they stab back, they are not at fault for protecting themselves! In this instance of league, the person did not even stab back, just pushed. I know many of you have also experienced this unfair system of being punished for defending yourselves, or you may have had friends who got unfairly banned due to defending themselves or others from other toxic players. The instigator is entirely at fault for causing problems. The troublemaker should not be able to get away for their toxicity, and their sentence of penalty should definitely take into account if they are trolling and purposely start issues for other players. Right now, Riot policy does not care who creates problems. This is wrong because it is the law and common sense, psychological, and moral logic to punish the instigators, and not the victims unless they take it back way too far. It does matter who is causing problems on purpose, and who is just reasonably protecting themselves or loved ones without overstepping like the instigators. I humbly ask of you Riot Community, please help us bump up this post and show support for a truly just community! Let's create a real change to make things better! ````Love ~ HaiCupcake
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