New Katarina Voice Lines

Hi everyone! I wanted to know what people thought about Katarina getting some new voice lines. I know she's an old champion, but I think she could use a few new voice lines (a joke that makes sense too). The new champions and skins have really cool voice lines upon multi-kills! Imagine how cool that would be on Katarina! I love Tara Platt, though, and I wouldn't really want to have a new Kat voice actor. I just think a few interactions to add some in-game lore elements and maybe a couple of lines that show a bit more of her personality. She has very generic lines at the moment and I think she could do with a bit more personalization! This goes for some other older champs, too! Any suggestions of champs with old/tired sets of voice lines are cool, I'm just really passionate about Katarina! I don't mean a completely new set of voice lines, just a couple more here and there to spice things up.
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