I've put in a request for Riot to delete my account. Just wanted to say goodbye.

I'm going to try not to make this a long ramble because nobody likes text bricks, but... well yeah, after having an active Summoner account since 2010, I've decided I need to just sever my ties to this game entirely. The last couple years I've been losing my ability to play this game without getting frustrated and salty and taking it out in All Chat. As damage and mobility and "muh flashy plays" keep getting higher and higher priority by the design and balance team, I feel completely invalid as a player if I play anything that isn't a lvl 1 nuke lane bully. Utility characters are dead and the assassins are the supports now. And I'm tired of it. I'm tired of having to cower behind my towers because the other laner got 1 kill and is now too strong to take on, so he gets to farm at his leisure unharassed while I just try to grab what I can, or even worse feed more kills when I try to just keep even in CS. I'm tired of one fed champion being the one who decides how the entire match gets played. I'm tired of the entire game being designed to create massive power imbalance between players as the win condition. And I'm tired of this jock-y obsession with ESports Riot is hooked on. Tired of having tournaments and streamers shoved in my face every time I play. I'm tired of all the balance decisions being based around the people WATCHING the game and not the ones PLAYING it, of making everything flashy and fast and entertaining for stream and tournament viewers. I'm tired of the gameplay and the players taking a backseat to the gladitorial bloodsport entertainment. I'm just tired of being too slow and dumb to keep up with this game anymore. It frustrates me so much just trying to keep up against the zoom-zoom mobility nuke bullshit and... and I'm done. I know nobody cares, but... I'm done, and I don't want to have the temptation to come back anymore. I don't want to keep doing this "get frustrated, take a break, come back, have fun briefly, get frustrated, repeat" cycle anymore. So.. fuck, I dunno. This shit just isn't healthy for me anymore so, goodbye I guess.

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