How often is your entire team completely impotent in ranked?

I've been wondering if Riot has a system in place that tampers with matchmaking dependent on certain factors. For about 50 games in a row, I've had very good teammates; I've gotten a ton of wins over those games and only a couple handfuls of losses, most of which were at least partially my fault. Some of those games were close and lasted longer than 40+ minutes, and the majority of them involved mostly good and competent play from the vast majority of my teammates as well as the enemy team. Games were genuinely close. However, teamfights involving my Tryndamere were often not but that's where I'm counting on teammates being decent as I've concocted a super-tanky omega potato build for Tryndamere that allows me to stand in the middle of enemy teams for entire teamfights and W and use items to help peel my carries. Many games Rammus would taunt me and my team would melt him well before the enemy team could even force me to pop my ult! The build makes Tryndamere free vision, extremely hard to gank, very slippery, able to clear waves fast despite being mostly a tank build and follow up people's picks really well. Also, by as early as midgame he can towerdive and eat 20 tower hits without even having to pop ult with the help of a support shield or two in a sort of Singed-esque fashion. Although laning with it is often a bore it's a very fun build overall and it's what helped me win at least 35 of my last 50 games in high Silver and low-mid Gold. The build is very teammate-oriented so I've naturally payed a lot of attention to my teammates and their capabilities from game to game. Over the last 50 games before my most recent 5, my teammates were mostly very good, and the opposing team equally as good. Then, for each one of my last five games I've had teammates that couldn't wipe their own butts! I don't know how to better describe it! They didn't space well, they finished off no one in teamfights, they roamed around the map aimlessly, they had terrible calls and focus, they'd dive into the enemy team lategame 1vX just to kick a full hp Nautilus stacking armor into our Lucian and the icing on the cake is that for every single one of these five games at least one teammate dies to the same opponent with little to no assistance from any other enemies over and over and over, early and constantly. Every single one of those last 5 games was hilariously one-sided against my team, even the one we managed to somehow win. It was general impotence all around. What's also fascinating is that in almost every one of these games a carry on the other team gets at least 10 kills without a single death. Keep in mind I was never the one who fed them nor did I allow my opponent top to TP there (save Shen ults) and my team never manages to secure a kill on them at all. They often walk away with slivers of health after being dived over and over by my teammates. I'm not complaining, really - certainly this sort of thing must happen to someone eventually - but I'm very curious why me and why this many times in a row, and why so many games in a row with competent teammates beforehand? How did I gain 150 rank and then play back-to-back games with way worse teammates? I played a game in gold 3 and was paired against a Kog'Maw who was on the last game of their plat promos and was extremely competent and was accompanied by teammates with extremely meta picks. My teammates had no such players and no such picks for any of those five games. The only variable I see is that might've had any real factor whatsoever are that I queue-dodged a game I was given support earlier today. That's where the games with awful teams started. When I got to Gold 3 today I had the LKS of a Gold 2 player. I don't understand; that isn't that much of a difference in placements. My team shouldn't seem like they're in low Silver or mean to be playing normal games for five games in a row! Another theory I have but I think is extremely far-fetched is that I've taken breaks from the game for months at a time, the most recent one being a few months ago after a losing streak that placed me back in Silver in the first place. Surely I wasn't intentionally greeted with competent teams for this many games in a row upon coming back! That seems utterly ridiculous to me. Has anyone had any similar experiences while climbing ranked ladder? I'm skeptical of Riot of rigging matchmaking for queue dodging games at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if there was but I can't be convinced that the last 5 games were mere coincidence in some way or another.
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