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TL;DR: There are so many reasons and facts why Akali needs to be reverted. They're listed below, if your lazy don't read. She needs a revert Hello everyone. I'm here to talk about a very relevant issue in League of Legends. Akali. Since Akali’s rework in patch 8.15 of last year, Riot has had to constantly change her (literal constant nerfs / buffs). As I look through Riot boards at Akali reversion posts, I see short little paragraphs with people informally asking for a revert. They give a few reasons why she should be reverted, but also just whine when they do it. Whining won’t get anything done. In this post, I will start with the reasons I see most why Akali should not be reverted, and I will combat them. Next, I will write reasons that aren’t meant to combat anything, but are just good points that must be brought to light. I hope by the end of this you too want a revert. Most frequently seen points why Akali should not be reverted: Riot has never done a full VGU revert, therefore Akali will not be reverted. What I have come to learn is that Riot’s mission is to constantly be changing the game, if its balancing, creating new things, or ANYTHING THAT IS NEEDED. Emphasis on “needed” if you didn’t pick that up. If this is truly what is holding Riot back from a revert, then shame. What makes a company a good company is if they are not lazy to do things. When a company comes upon a challenge, they don’t just say, “Eh, that’s too hard to do, so I’m just not gonna do it”. They take the challenge and they do it no matter how much work it is. I understand that it is hard because you have to remake all the skins and stuff. This wouldn’t be too hard because there are thousands of photos of the old skins on the internet, so Riot would not have to think of new ideas for the skins. Full VGU revert not happening blah blah should not be a factor whatsoever in the Akali reversion decision. Old Akali was almost impossible to catch, she would always escape for various reasons. (AKA her ult was OP) New Akali has more mobility than old Akali for many reasons. Firstly, new Akali’s R doesn't require that she leap to a minion or champion. People don't realize this, they just jump straight to the conclusion that old Akali's R made it so she gets away much easier. Although it did help her get away in some situations, it doesn’t help as much as the new Akali’s ult does. Old akali could ONLY jump to enemy minions, monsters, and enemy champions. Making her much less likely to get away than the new Akali. Along with old Akali’s ult, she only had one other mobility ability which was a very short dash from her W. Back to talking about ults. New Akali’s ult has two parts. I won’t explain them because y’all know what it does, but it does not require her to select something to dash to. Next, new Akali’s Q can slow an enemy, so obviously that makes it better to run from them. One she hits them with a slowing Q, she will get movement speed from her passive. There’s another thing, movement speed. Obviously she has created distance between the two people. After that, she can shroud, get movement speed in the shroud which will put even more distance between them. If the person somehow catches up, she can simply E over the nearest wall. There’s another thing, the E jump. If the person can get over that wall too, Akali will then R1 over the next wall. If somehow the person gets over that wall too, with just the click of a button Akali will use R2 and hop the next wall. Let’s count the amount of ways she can utilise to get away. Q slow 1, passive movement speed 2, W movement speed 3, E jump 4, R one 5, R two six. New Akali has 6 ways to get away. Yes some champions are made to be slippery and hard to kill, but at what point is it too much? Now compare that to old Akali. She can W for a short dash, and then ult to enemy minions, monsters, and enemy champs. One of these champions is better at getting away. Clearly it’s not the old Akali. Old Akali was way harder to counter play than this current Akali. The first way old Akali could be counter played was by taking advantage of her predictable ult. Akali's main mobility was a point and click ult that gets a reset if she gets a kill or assist which was very predictable and counterable with either a cc tank (or other champs with cc like Syndra e) or even a Zhonya. If an Akali jumped on you as Syndra, you simply click E to push her away and run away to safety. As the new Akali, she will R to you and if smart will E or W instantly to dodge any cc / life threatening abilities. Since she can do that, playing a tanky champion with CC or a champ like Syndra to counter play new Akali does not work. It doesn’t work because new Akali is very unpredictable if played correct. She Another way to counter play the old Akali was to harass and zone her off from minions the entire way until level 6. If done correctly, Akali would have had no gold and XP, therefore not be able to hit her level 6 power spike. That level 6 power spike was a major point in the game for that champion, if you didn’t use it to get kills/gold then then you would not do well the rest of the game. So if zoned off, than you would have shut Akali down for the game, that is considered a great way to counter play the old Akali. If you tried the same thing with the new Akali it would not work. It would not because the new Akali doesn’t have to be very cautious of taking damage pre 6, because she can deal lots of damage pre 6. She has abilities like her ranged Q which can slow and then leads into movement speed from passive to auto. She also has her E which can close gaps and allows her to deal more damage. If someone tries to zone new Akali away from farming pre 6, she can do the same thing right back and just take all their health so now they have to play safe and stop being aggressive to zone you off. Old Akali took no skill whatsoever because of her point click abilities. Yes, old Akali’s abilities were point and click and those were obviously skilless, but there were still many many ways to show skill on Akali. We can start in order from when the game starts. You walk to lane at level one, and your against Syndra. I hope this would never happen, but let’s say Syndra comes to lane with Sapphire Crystal. One of the reasons Akali was reverted is because she was pretty bad pre 6. Although I didn’t find that to be true I won’t talk about that now. The reason she was bad pre 6 is because of ranged champions like Syndra who just sit back and zone you off with her Q. You come forward, bam she hits you with her Q. And in this situation she bought Sapphire Crystal, so she isn’t running out of mana. This is a PRIME example of how Akali could have been shut down in a game. Let’s say that this Syndra just zoned Akali away from the minions up to level 6. Since the Akali has barely any farm compared to anyone else, and is behind in XP, she will not be dealing damage anytime soon. Here comes the first way she can show skill. If the Akali survives the laning phase against a champ like Syndra, and was able to farm well and able to buy her items on time that is skillful. The person playing old Akali must know what to do and when to use things to be able to survive. If the person is good enough at Akali to survive laning phase, they deserve to be able to buy their items and start dealing damage. The next way she can show skill is with her W. Knowing when to use it is very important because of its high cool down. If you use it for just anything you will be caught and killed because you don’t have it to save you. For example, if you use it every time you think Syndra will hit you with a Q, you’ll get caught and killed. After using it to dodge one of her Q’s, she knows you have it on cool down, and will then try to full combo you to kill you. Another consequence would be to use it in the same situation (because of her Q) and then get instantly ganked because they know it’s on cool down. A good old Akali player will preserve their W until it was absolutely needed. And after getting Q’d by Syndra, they would heal up with passive instead of spamming W whenever they want. Connected to knowing when to use it, using it to dodge vital attacks is extremely important. For example against a Yasuo, and you are standing that autoing each other, you can predict when they will use their next Q and then W behind them to dodge it. Doing that actually takes a lot of skill, because having to focus on predicting when they will use their Q instead of focusing on other things in the fight. The next way is when to use E. This is very important because using E temporarily disables you from moving and leaves you vulnerable to attacks / CC. Using E at the wrong time can cost you and your team big time because it can get you caught. You need to know if you want to go in for a quick Q R AA, or if you have time and / or it’s the right situation to use E for a bit of extra damage or not. The next way is when to use R. Old Akali’s R can be used in a similar way to her W to show skill. If you know old Akali well, you knew that when you R someone it would put you behind them after the dash. That was a vital thing to know. So, using the Yasuo example, you can predict when he will use Q and R him to go behind him and dodge it. Another way to show skill with her R is knowing when to use it and not to use it. Although at times it may seem like she had infinite jumps on her ult, that was severely not the case. That was just a good Akali showing that he was skillful at that champ. You have to know how to preserve her ult, which stacks up to three times. When you got a kill or assist it would give you another one if you were missing a stack. But if your just ulting around for no reason then you will run out, and if you didn’t get resets on your ult, then you would get an ult stack back about every twenty seconds or so. Not having your ult stacks in a team fight would be a complete fail, almost making the fight a 4v5. So knowing when to use them and not to use them is vitally important. Another way is a small way but the little things always count in LoL. If you were in AA range, you could throw a Q at them and then do a regular slow AA. If you threw the Q at point blank range, then instantly clicked on them it would AA very fast, getting the damage off quicker than usual. Although these are just a few big way that the old Akali could show skill, there are many more. Old Akali was an unfair stat check champion. I could have the definition of stat check incorrect, but if i’m right then all champs are stat check champs. If a champ has more items than another, that champ is most likely to win a 1v1 between the two of them. So it’s not like Akali was the only champ that could win based on items. Other than that though, even if the old Akali had more items then you, it didn’t always mean you were about to lose a fight. With counter play and out skilling that person you could easily win a fight between you and her. Therefore the “stat check” reason why Akali won’t be reverted is irrelevant. New Akali however, if I think about it, is even more of a stat check champion. I tried to think of a situation where an Akali had more items then someone else and lost a 1v1 to someone else with less items, and I couldn’t think of a champ. The way she can Q from far away, then passive proc from far away while being invisible combats being touched by not ranged champions. Even against ranged champions they don’t really have time to react anyways so they can’t do anything. If you add Akali having more items than the other person on top of that, there’s no way she could lose a 1v1 to someone else with less items. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now, I’m going to say a few things about each version of Akali that I find to be relevant. Present Akali: The current Akali’s kit is unbalanceable. Just the way she’s designed makes it so hard to have her in a balanced state. You nerf her in one area and buff her in another, then she’s too strong in that one area. They nerf her W, then they have to buff her elsewhere. If they buff her Q, then she does too much damage there. Or if they buff her ult damage instead then she does too much damage there. If they buff her shroud duration or cool down and nerf damage elsewhere, then she will have it more often making killing her much harder. If you say the solution to this is to stop nerfing and buffing somewhere else, and just buff everywhere lightly or nerf everywhere slightly so nothing is too good or too bad that will not work. If done, no matter what, she will either be too strong, or too weak because of the content of her abilities. S7 Akali: The old Akali’s kit was all about compensation. Compensation nerfs / buffs were not needed because they were already built into her kit. Old Akali had a bad pre 6, and was easily bullied out of farming like I mentioned before. This was compensated with a large power spike at level 6. Akali’s three ult dashes may have seemed overpowered, but that was compensated with it being very predictable. Having to select things to jump to with her ult, (instead of freely being able to dash like new akali), was compensated with a heal from her passive. Those match up because it was difficult for her to escape, so they made it so she could survive longer in the fight healing. Also, most assassins have some kind of slow in their kit. Old Akali however did not have any cc. This was okay though because it was compensated with a high damage output. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Normal reasons: At the link below, it shows the current Akali statistics in LoL. In each and every division in ranked, Akali’s current win rate is 43% and below (aside from master+) in the mid lane. Knowing that Akali is meant to be an AP assassin in the mid lane, Akali’s win rate in the top lane is higher in each division than her mid lane win rate. This is a CLEAR sign that something is a wrong. The old Akali, although I cannot find a website with the win rate stuff from s7 Akali, I know that she had a higher win rate in the mid lane. I remember it being in the 50’s, but I know one thing for sure, that is that her mid lane win rate was higher than any other role. Looking at the graphs on this website is truly amazing. It really highlights that her win rate is the near the lowest it’s ever been. If you look at the graph at where the Akali rework came out, her win rate has not gone higher at any point in time than her pre-rework win rate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why she fits in with the rest of the champions in this game. When Riot decided that champions should have abilities that just instantly execute a champion once they get to a certain amount of health (Urgot [Don’t get me started on that ranged top laner], Pyke, basically Garen), that’s when you have to realize that old Akali’s kit was nothing out of the ordinary. The champs in League are continuously getting more and more toxic (like current Akali for example), putting the old Akali back in the game would be nothing compared to the things that are in the game now. I don’t want to just seem like I’m saying because two champions can execute people instantly that’s why Akali fits in. Although that does make sense, there are so many other kits in League of Legends that balance out with old Akali having a strong kit. Udyr AA stun, Gorg 60 second lasting stun, Malz click to stun and drain life ult. There are so many more too, Akali having a kit that doesn’t fit in with the other champs is a completely invalid reason not to revert her. Because trust me, some things you see while playing just make you go, “What in the hell is that doing in the game”. But if those things can make it in the game, old Akali should have no problem fitting in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now here’s a few ways Riot could release the new Akali revert. Hold some kind of event that has to do with time, have a game mode like the SG game mode or the odyssey kayn event. The theme could be time because it’s like we’re going back in time and the old Akali is coming back. Flat out do nothing and just say your reverting Akali Release the revert as a new champion (I seriously like this idea. I can tell Riot has a crush on the new Akali because they haven’t reverted yet, so just keep her and add the old Akali back in the game too!) Revert Akali but then release the rework as a new champion Every single day I go to Riot boards, type akali in the search bar, and set the time to within 24 hours. And everytime I see a few more revert Akali posts. As each day passes, the amount of revert Akali posts increase. On these posts, there are so many people commenting in favor of the Akali revert too. Riot, it’s time. I could go on listing so many more reasons why she should be reverted, but for the sake of all of your time I won’t. I have already made this post extremely wordy, and i’m sure most of you did not read the entire thing. Riot, lets go. See the evidence, listen to the people, make the change.
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