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I read that article and was not only horrified by what I read but recognized that those stories implied the suffering of more than faceless ‘employees’. Rioters people I see at least every other day, though the forum and Reddit. Now would be the time to show our support for the women who work at the company. Here’s mine, and write yours below if you want to. Bioluminescence and Thermal Kitten, I admire your world-building and story-telling respectively. You were the first people I thought of when the article broke. If your workplace is as hostile as the article makes it sound, I can’t imagine that things have been easy. It saddens me to think of how hard-won those forum posts and lore pieces may have been, but thanks for persevering and making them nonetheless. You deserve for the company to change for you, so that your lives there could be easier and happier.
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